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Apart from the students in other region, those residing in Non-Hindi such as towards the South India also require training in Hindi to understand it properly and in ascent. This is why Vidyanilaya is offering a stabilised education of Hindi to the students in that region precisely. We also have the learning providers who are sharpening the knowledge of those students who are coming from other countries in India for education or for job. They can come to know about the language and can learn it properly.


You have come to the site where you can avail the benefits of learning mathematics. Excellent Coaching for school students of different boards from primary to higher secondary students, under graduate students and for engineering students. The website is designed specifically to address the problems of those people who face considerable amount of difficulties in learning mathematics. There are innumerable number of persons who have expertise in number of aspects but when its comes to mathematics they get bogged down and it becomes stumbling block in their growth and development both academically and professionally. In order to tackle those critical learning issues connected with maths this website has been conceived and evolved to cater to the requirements of learners in an apt and appropriate manner. Home Tuition is also Provided.


If you love sharing knowledge and want to help others be successful in life through education, a career as a teacher could be a good option. To teach at high-level primary and secondary schools in India, you must first earn a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) & (M.Ed). This programme requires the completion of a standard bachelor's degree as a prerequisite and is typically one year in length, though there are exceptions.


Hindi Tuition

>> Parichay
>> Prathmic
>> Madhyama
>> Rashtrabasha
>> Pravesika
>> visharad Poorvardh
>> Visharad Uttarardh
>> Praveen Poorvardh
>> Praveen Uttarardh
>> Sahityarathna I,II,III
>> Siksha Visharad
>> Pracharak
>> Praboth
>> Praveen
>> Pragya
>> Basic Hindi
>> Sanskrit
>> Balabodh
>> Prarambha
>> Pravesh
>> Kovid
>> Geetha
>> Upanishadh


>> Tutorial
>> Std.X
>> Std.XII
>> Degree
>> B.A
>> B.Com
>> B.Sc.,
>> M.A.I,II
>> M.Phil
>> Ph.D.

Teacher Training

  • >> B.Ed.,
    >> M.Ed.,
    >> B.P.Ed.,
    >> M.P.Ed.,
    >> Conversation Hindi & English
    >> Hindi Type Writing Lower / Higher
    >> Hindi Shorthand Lower / Higher